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Jacques B. is an Online Business Manager with a passion for social networks during the days of the week, and Classic and Sports Cars enthusiast most of the rest of the time. I’m married, father of 3, and almost geek. This website is a way to put together some Car picts, videos and tweets in order to share and connect with other enthusiasts. This is not a commercial website thus a .org extension.
This adventure started back in 2008 on Flickr in order to share Le Mans Classic photos with my friends. It was followed in summer 2010 by a Youtube Channel started to share V12 symphonies. I started a Twitter account to start discussions end of 2010, and finally started this blog which is just the beginning of another adventure early 2011.

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Since Classic and Sports Cars are usual words from the daily life of car enthusiasts, there are many activities in that domain with various more or less similar names depending on the channel. We are completelly independant of those brands and the media shared and opinion expressed here are our own.
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