Welcome to the Classic And Sports Cars blog

Here is the place to meet!
After Le Mans Classic 2008, I wanted to share a few photos with my friends and decided to open a Flickr Gallery to showcase some pics. I started at the same time a “Le Mans Classic 2008″ group on Flickr in order to meet with other classic and sports cars fans. That was the beginning of the story. Here is this first album, taken with my first ever digital camera: a basic Nikon 3200 shooting at 3,2Mpx bought in 2003:

I add many feedbacks on Flickr within both my album and the group. That was great and lasted one year. After that I forgot this album to say the truth.
One year later was time for Le Mans Classic 2010, and for a new camera, the Panasonic TMC-TZ7. That one was doing 10Mp photos as well as 720p videos. This gave me the idea to start recording some historic engines we couldn’t ear anywhere like the Ferrari 330 TRI Le Mans 1962 Winner and a few other famous ones. Here is the result.

Well after doing this kind of videos, I did receive many comments and encouragements, so I decided to add photos and videos overtime on Flickr and Youtube.
Some other stuff like twitter and a Facebook Fan page came later in order to add some more connections, but I’ll talk about them in a soon-to-come post.
Here we are, I’m starting the wordpress setup, just wondering if I will do it in french or english. Why? because I would be happy to connect with many folks over the word, and get together in various Classic and Sports Cars events!
all the best