McLaren F1 GTR Caesar auction by Artcurial

Saturday evening an Artcurial auction took place during Le Mans Classic 2010.

I was there during the live auction where this magnificient McLaren F1 GTR race car paint by famous french artist Caesar went through a final auction of 1,8 Million Euros during the evening. This was a big emotion in the room, my son who was with me could not believe it!

I published a small photo album on my Flickr gallery dedicated to this car, and took advantage of a guard being there by asking him to take a few pictures when nobody was there to spoil the view. Only problem: a camera battery unloaded and the only remaining one = my iphone, for this time the iphone was the one with batteries still operating … we will do better next time!

Later on I realized thanks to a comment on Flickr that the sale was broken because the reserve price was not met. That’s the magical effect of social networks, I found THE specialist of the McLaren F1, which also hosts a superb dedicated gallery and classifies its albums by McLaren F1 chassis number.

After checking, a “simple” McLaren F1 is 2 to 3M€ worth, so what about a racing version painted by Caesar, how much do you bet :5M€, 10 M€?