Two Ferrari 250 GTO in Paris

This summertime has seen an extraordinary gathering of 20 Ferrari 250 GTO in Pebble beach, California. A pretty impressive number since only 39 were built and each on them is 20 Million € worth. How many will get there next year for the 50th anniversary of the legendary car?

Small is beautiful ;-)

In Paris, France we do things more simply and this year we had the pleasure to watch two 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. The first one, chassis #4219 GT, belongs to Brandon Wang. It was shot the 11th April while it was waiting in the dust in Paris Les Tuileries the start of the Tour Auto the day after. There were also stunning Zagato’s at this event, please check our Tour Auto 2011 Gallery on Flickr.

The second one chassis #3987 belongs to Ralph Lauren and has won many trophies in Europe and America. It has never been accidented which makes it the perfect dream machine, especially with its “better than new” condition. This collection is absolutely unique and ultimate, please also check our Ralph Lauren “Art de l’Automobile” Gallery.Although Brandon’s black GTO is really dirty and takes some risks in racing again and again, Ralph’s red GTO is certainly above concours standards. But its owner has prepared it to be used as often as possible on open roads for his pleasure.

In the end I can only admire the passion of both owners that take the risk to drive these 25M$ cars on open roads instead of displacing them on a truck.

Any other GTO of the 60′s seen in France this year? Please send your pics on our Classic and Sports Cars Facebook page!

Please enjoy these picts of the two Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 that I’ve seen in Paris this year.

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